Interactive layers

Our project introduces and exaggerates different layers of visuals and sound transitioning to each-other smoothly based on the participants position in the room— depending on how close they are to the two characters.

There are 3 main experience layers:

1. The Exterior Space
2. The Intimate Space
3. The Inner Space

In the exterior space, you get the basics: you hear the conversation from a distance and basic representations of it visually.

In the intimate space, you get more richness and quality and nuances of the voices talking - and in the timbre, rhythm, and intensities of the voices the personality, emotions, intentions and dynamics come through in subtle ways - and these subtle layers will be represented in the visuals, exaggerated and thereby become more to the surface. For example emotions are shown as glows or colors, variations of density in the figures following confidence, dynamics between the two is shown in particles traveling between them or colliding.

The inner space starts as you move into the body of one of the two. In this space you see and hear through the mind and body of the character - a place where the communication is heavily formed by the character’s personal emotions and associations. This will especially be represented through an intensified sound design surrounding and disrupting the talking voices.