XR team

Dimitrius Tsirozoglou

A master degree graduate in computer science, Dimitrius is a Unity developer with an extensive experience on developing mixed reality projects. As the Lead Unity Developer in his company VRinspired he has helped realise several projects including Anthropia in 2017 presented by Makropol, VR Cheater in 2018 presented by MANND and Ballista multi-player in 2018 presented by VRinspired. Dimitrius is an out of the box thinker, a problem-solver and a true programming force with a wide range of toolsets. He is one of a kind and well-known for his ingenuity in the industry here in Denmark among VR production companies. We are extremely happy to have him as the supervising unity developer on our project.

Jennifer Nordwall

Jennifer is graphic developer in the lighting team at Unity Technologies in Copenhagen, Denmark. She’s specialised in lighting system and the baking pipeline. With an in-depth knowledge of our chosen platform for this VR project, Unity, she will be collaborating with us to have a well-planned strategy for our pipeline and insure the performance efficiency of our project. She will also be our go-to person whenever we need to troubleshoot our, innovate a new system or just get stuck and need someone to look under the hood.

Anne Jeppesen

Anne Jeppesen is a Copenhagen based audio producer with a focus on documentaries. With a background in classical music and musicology, Anne is driven by a never fading fascination for the richness of the human voice and is constantly seeking out new ways to work with vocal expressions. She has produced audio documentaries for Danish Broadcasting Corporation and the journal Politiken. She has also produced audio experiences for museums and art festivals. 

Omid Zarei

Omid Zarei is an Iranian director & cinematographer on the quest to immerse in alternative ways of storytelling. He has worked as a VFX artist early on and later studied film directing in Paris. He has written and directed fiction films and photographed narrative movies, documentaries, VR videos, art films, music videos and everything in-between. In 2016 with the comeback of the VR hype he got interested in experimenting with narrative ideas in VR and went on to develop a VR filmmaking workshop which lead to the creation of the “VR filmmaking workshop” in Helsinki. 

Kenta Thomas Naoi

Business Designer and marketing specialist with 10 years of experience in bringing passionate ideas to life. He is originally from SF and has worked in NYC for the past 5 years before moving to Europe. Through his design & branding agency he has grown a niche in helping launch projects that are at the crossroad of art & technologies. His efforts have been featured on Dazed, Paper Magazine & It’s Nice That. With years of experience and a keen sense for unique stories needing to be told, Kenta is excited to be on our projects to help bring an impactful attention and audience engagement.